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Dollar Bills
Regional VP Compensation Structure

Two stories - one from a client perspective and the other from a candidate.

  • Client side - not attracting talent they wanted.

  • Candidate side - too complicated and being misrepresented. 

Sales Team Rockets to First Place

Using Benchmarking for their hiring solution they took the last place sales team to No. 1. 

Job Benchmarking is used by over 100,000 of the worlds most productive companies. You can benefit from this and enjoy an edge as well.

Brainstorm to Success
Call Center 940% ROI

In 1 year cut turnover by 50% saving $500,000 annually and produced a 940% ROI

Marketing for a new strategy

When bringing a new strategy to an already crowded space this was a great way to distinguish itself .

Two Men in Office
Sales mentoring

Sometimes a second opinion makes a difference. 

“If you can’t successfully do something, don’t think you can tell others how it should be done” 

― Ray Dalio

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