Adaptive Solutions specializes in recruiting the hard to find niche talent currently in high demand across the investment management industry. Specifically, the professionals who possess the rare combination of being fantastic face-to-face with prospects and clients along with proven wholesaling. At the same time matching these rare traits to culture and personality of our client firms.

Adaptive Solutions delivers the best matched talent acquisition to your job search. In our recruiting we analyze for decison making, influence, consistentcy and compliance to bring the most qualified candidates to the table.

- National Sales Manager

- Managing Director

- Regional Director

- Regional Vice President

- Sr. Wealth Advisor

- Financial Planner

- Internal & External Wholesalers


Whether it be sales, marketing, training or process management we have you covered. 

Losing good people?

Cannot attract top performers?

Few leads to pursue? 

Dismal conversion ratios?

Frustrated Clients?

We can fix that.



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