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Tom Casper CPC is the President and Founder of Adaptive Solutions Consulting. With over two decades of hands on experience as a Financial Consultant, Wealth Manager, National Sales Manager, and Senior Vice President with one of the largest RIAs in the country, Tom is intimately familiar with all aspects of investment advisory firms and Family Offices.  

He is also a highly decorated combat veteran having flown off aircraft carriers in the Navy during the first Gulf War.


Every client company is unique in who they are and their culture. This means no two searches are the same and we take the time up front to get to know our clients, the position(s) they are looking to fill, and then assess the personality of their corporate culture.  We then implement a patented "benchmarking" process to DNA match candidates to fit the role and the culture.


If you are finding challenges with attracting and retaining good employees, frustrated clients from service aspects, lack of leads or low quality leads, ineffective business channel branch meetings; it might be time to have a fresh set of eyes look at the operation for an assessment. 

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