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Finding and retaining top talent is challenging for all businesses. A bad hire can cost not only money but the potential damage to reputation and image could take years to mend. 

We have engaged the best analytical tools in the industry to eliminate bias, reign in human nature, streamline the interview process and ultimately locate the top executives for your positions. We will provide you with the questions and process to conduct the interviews in a systematic and methodical way to assure great results. 

The perfect candidate should be more than one dimensional experience and education. You need to know what motivates them. What makes them get out of bed in the morning. What drives them. That is the deeper dimensional match to your culture and what will keep them performing at the highest levels. 

We incorporate the following services to create this level of synchronicity:

Job Benchmarking - first we "DNA map" the role to establish and identify the most important attributes associated with it. Next we use a patented process to compile a list of key values, responsibilities, soft skills, and motivators that define the ideal candidate. We then go and find the top performers who not only match to this unique structure but are motivated to thrive in their new role.

Post hire onboarding and integration - this service makes us unique in the executive search space. We can tailor an integration program based on the new hire's behaviors and driving motivators. Doing so can ensure they grow into the job specifics outlined in the benchmark. This is a proven process that provides a clear path for your new hire and significantly increases retention.

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